Saturday, October 15, 2011

Last night

I failed my mission. I was gonna come out before we went out to eat and bar hop. Then I ended picking up another friend so I could be a dd. which just meant best drunk driver. Lol. So we ate and went to the bar and it was on my mind the whole night. I ended up only having a couple shots and a few beers so I wasn't drunk and neither was my friend "B". So I was gonna do it after last call. But we ended up going to her friends and played rock band for a few hours than went back to her place and passed out. Fail.
Then today we woke up and were taking and we started talking about religion and politics an how she is no longer sure about her religion. And I was really nervous cause the conversation was heading to a point where it would make sense to come out. Lol. So I just blurted out "sit downi have something very important to talk to you about". Then I said I was nervous and that the 2 reasons I had come to town was for our friends birthday and to talk to her. I was shaking like I was having a seizure and I just said I'm gay. And she was like ok, it doesn't change anything. I was relieved and there was an awkward second where she didn't know what to say and I was just kind of laughing at her. Then out of left fucking field she said that since we were spilling our guts she has to tell me that she had been questioning wether or not she was bi..... It was a nice surprise, and it made me feel even better. Then she just asked me a few questions like how long I have known and if I have had any relationships and shit. It was really good.
Then I had to make the 3 hour drive home so I could get back in time to bartend tonight.
Overall it was a good trip, there were alot of hot college guys at the bar which I don't get to see around here. But of course they were probably all straight.
Time to work
Peace out


  1. Congrats! What a surprise that your friend is questioning her sexuality. I'm glad you got to open up to each other.

  2. congrats man! thats awesome and happy for you

  3. Awesome! Finally sounds like a good friend to come out :)